7 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technology is constantly undergoing rapid changes, which, in turn, has created amazing resources to better our lives right at our fingertips. It has expanded our ways of thinking and doing things as it has trickled into every crevice of our daily lives.

Source: Wholesaler Masterminds
Source: Wholesaler Masterminds

1.     How We Read

Say farewell to newspapers and books! Gone are the days when we needed to visit a library or bookstore to find a book. With the invention of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, we can now read our favorite novels or articles on our personal, on-hand devices.

2.     Daily News

With the ability to connect content through blogs, social media, and smartphones, newspapers and magazines are able to distribute content far more effectively and reach a larger number of eyes. In addition, with daily news being so ever-changing, news articles can be released instantaneously through the world wide web.

3.     Entertainment

The entertainment industry has shifted incredibly with the creation of YouTube, Netflix, and other video player sites. We are no longer limited to our television sets and radios. We can watch or listen to what we want on any device at our convenience.

4.     Social Interaction

Communication between our family, friends, and acquaintances has evolved. We are no longer limited to corresponding with one another through a landline (a what?). Instead of meeting up to chat or picking up a phone, text messages, smartphones, the internet, and social media sites have all replaced traditional means of communication. In addition, our mobile phones now have the ability to take crystal clear pictures and videos, stream movies, act as a GPS, and a gaming device.

5.     Dating

Blind dates aren’t really “blind” anymore with our ability to Google or stalk down our potential dates. Online dating has become so much more common. Nowadays, you can utilize apps to find a date, friend, or casual fling. There’s something for everyone and it’s all right at our fingertips!

6.     Shopping/Banking

How convenient is it that we can sit at home in our pajamas and surf our favorite department stores, order meals, go grocery shopping, and even pay a pill or deposit a check online? With only a few clicks, we have the luxury of having everything and anything we want delivered to our front doorsteps. This has opened up new opportunities for businesses with the advancement of e-commerce.

7.     Education/Research

With the surge of the internet, the possibilities of education are limitless. You can use the internet to share knowledge and enhance education through the unbounded networks of information and sources. Students have the ability to access encyclopedias, news articles, and numerous other research databases anywhere in the world at their own time. Students can actively interact with their teachers and fellow classmates through mediums like Google Hangouts, Google Drive, or video chats.

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