Develop The Proper Golf Swing That’s Built To Last

Source: Les 2 Fontaines

The 2016 season has started out as a year of rejuvenation for 45-year-old Phil Mickelson, a fan favorite who has captured more than 40 career victories on the PGA Tour. Recently Mickelson stated he is “in the best shape and driving the ball better than he has in more than a decade.” Although the five-time major champion missed the cut at this year’s Masters Tournament, Mickelson has had three top-10 finishes in nine starts and is #1 in scoring average on the PGA Tour so far this season.

As he turns his sights towards the U.S. Open at Oakmont and the career grand slam that still proves to be elusive, Mickelson is on another mission; one that might come as a bit of a surprise.

“I have a message that I ultimately want to get out,” he said. “You can play golf for a lifetime and injury free if you swing the club like Bobby Jones did, like Ernest Jones used to teach – where it’s a swinging motion rather than a violent movement. A lot of the young guys continue to get hurt as they create this violent connected movement. I don’t believe that’s the proper way to swing the golf club. I think that you want to use leverage and quiet your body down so that the arc and the club head can swing and accelerate … Hopefully kids will start playing golf and swinging the club with less of a violent body movement and be able to play golf for a lifetime.”

DuoTrac, the 4-Dimensional swing and weight shift analyzer uses multi-point motion sensors to help golfers of all ages develop swings for a lifetime. The 4D device and free App reverts back to the fundamental teachings of golf through important analysis at four key points in the golf swing: club face angle upon takeaway, transition at the top, face angle at impact, and weight shift. The instantaneous feedback from the app indicates where your swing is off, and provides easy to understand tips on how to correct it by customizing a personal roadmap to a better and more enjoyable golf game. DuoTrac is a virtual swing coach that helps reduce practice time and makes learning the game more intuitive and fun.

“Mastering the fundamentals is the most reliable and sustainable way for you to improve your golf game,” explained Jason Koo, Founder of Coach Labs and creator of DuoTrac. “DuoTrac provides the results of every swing immediately so you can determine what to work on and what to practice. The app doesn’t overwhelm you with all the technical stuff. Our 4D device aims to teach you the fundamentals; to swing your own swing, building a consistent swing that will last a lifetime.”

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