Golf Swing Tips – How to Stop Topping Golf Balls and Improve Your Golf Swing?

Topping Golf Balls 101

Have you ever found yourself unable to get your golf balls into the air? If your golf balls just roll along the ground, unable to lift off the ground then you’re encountering what is called topping the ball. This tends to happen when your club contacts the ball above its equator and when you’ve too much body movement during your swing. Ironically, many golfers make the problem worse by trying to lift or scoop the golf ball off the turf. Fundamentally, the problem is that your golf swing tips are incorrect or lacking in some way. Assuming that you are using the correct golf club, its design will ensure that the ball will fly into the air when you swing the club correctly. The quickest way to stop topping golf balls is to consult a golf pro or golf swing coach. He/She will be able to pinpoint where you’re making the most detrimental mistakes and suggest the best drills to improve your golf swing.

Pursuing shortcuts tends to be a hit or miss affair. Sometimes, you just need to admit that you simply do not have the time to practice or visit your swing coach enough. If this is the dilemma you seem to find yourself in, invest in a golf swing analyzer or tracker. A Golf Swing Tracker can be used to track and analyze your shots, providing insight on what you’re doing incorrectly. It’s a great tool to utilize in-between lessons or to fit in a quick practice session. Some Golf Swing Trackers even offer instant tips and fixes to address ongoing swing problems. If you want to stop topping your golf balls, here are two quick golf swing drills to help you do just that:

Drill 1:

  • Objective: Hit the sweet spot.
  • Swing with your feet close together.
  • Begin with a half swing when you hit the ball. There’s no need to swing hard.
  • Tip: Don’t stand up too straight. Make sure you bend from your hips and maintain that angle throughout the swing.

Drill 2:

  • After you set up to the ball, pull your right foot back 10 inches. Make sure your shoulders are parallel to your target line.
  • Raise your right heel off the ground.
  • Swing with only 60% of your speed.
  • Tip: It’s harder to slide right when you pull your right foot back and raise your right heel. By closing your stance, it’ll be easier to turn rather than slide.

Some golfers find that they only top the ball with their drivers and low-numbered irons. The reason for this is due to the fact that they have difficulty controlling the added power when they swing with these clubs.

You’ll be able to prevent yourself from embarrassingly dribbling your golf ball once you learn to perform those drills correctly, get help from a coach, or train with a Golf Swing Tracker. Of course, not everyone has access to a competent golf pro, so before you decide to start surfing the web for a solution, double check your sources so that you don’t injure yourself or cause yourself more confusion. The best thing to do is to get out and hit a few dozen golf balls and capture it all on video. Then, analyze what you see, and compare it against your notes or have a golf pro take a look at it. Once you’re able to correct these mistakes, you’re golf swing is sure to improve and you’ll finally be able to stop topping your golf balls!

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