Revive Your Golf Resolutions before 2016 Ends

Many of us rang in the new year with renewed ambitious goals. Now that we are well into 2016, some of us may have slacked off a tad or forgotten our resolutions entirely. A number of surveys have found that there is a large percentage of the population who make resolutions at the start of the year, yet by the third month, have either completely forgotten about them or work them in as an important part of their routine. Golfers are no different. They put thought into how and what they’d like to achieve in their game, but implementing points of improvement is no easy task, which can be discouraging. Don’t lose sight of your personal game goals. Below are some easy ways to better your golf experience, so that you may revert back to your resolutions.

Warm Up: Getting warmed up by stretching will not only reduce your risk of injury, but also help you maintain a consistent, powerful swing pattern, which will lower your handicap. Therefore, one of the best golf swing tips is to stretch every day for at least 5-10 minutes. Try including a back, shoulders, leg and neck stretch to keep you prepped for all your games. Regularly stretching will promote muscle relaxation, increase your body awareness, and help you maintain a consistent swing pattern. This will help you increase your power with every club.

A golfer shows his frustration or he could be just working out some tight muscles.
Source: Confident Golfer

Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated during your rounds of golf is very important, especially when the hot temperatures roll in. You should prepare for your rounds of golf by drinking a good deal of water the night before your match, match day, and after the match. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol, especially after your match as alcohol will dehydrate you. Try having another refreshing bottle of water before reaching for that cold beer.

Drink water
Source: Golf WRX

Take Practice Swings: Whether you’re trying to gain more distance or correct that hook or slice, you should try more than just getting out on the driving range. Although there’s no way to avoid the amount of practice and time it takes to build a good swing, the best golf swing tip to keep in mind is: you should start every day with a slow, controlled swing and continue to proceed until you reach up to 100 practice swings per day. It’s a great little golf workout that can improve your flexibility and strength. You don’t even need to go out on the range. You can hold your practice session in the comfort of your home.

Source: Steve Thomas Golf

Healthy Eating: Take your game to the next level by being mindful of your diet. To boost your game, go for foods with a variety of color. Don’t reach for those empty calories. Instead, avoid foods that make you feel tired and sluggish and choose the rights foods to help you maintain your energy levels during and after a round. Although eating right won’t slice your golf handicap overnight, all golfers can benefit by being considerate of their diet before, during, and after their rounds.

Source: Gorilla Golf Blog

It’s not too late to make 2016 the year you achieve those golf resolutions! Start with baby steps. Maybe even try using a golf swing tracker to help motivate you and track your progress. Now get out there and start hitting your resolution targets!

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